Here you'll find my commissioned and published work.


"Duurzaamheid in Balans"

Illustration published in Het Parool (March 7th, 2017) - accompanying an interview with Marieke Eyskoot about her book "Dit is een goede gids - voor een duurzame lifestyle". 

"Dutch Diversity"

Illustration published in Het Parool (February 22nd, 2017) - accompanying an article about "the Dutch identity (or the lack of it)", written by Siep de Haan. 

Find (a photo of) the article HERE.

"Ignorance Is Bliss"

Illustration published in Het Parool accompanying an article about blackface, racism and the luxury of white ignorance, written by David T. Smith.

Find the publication HERE.

"The Influence of Testosterone on Behaviour"

Illustrations published on De Correspondent, accompanying an article about the influence of testosterone on behaviour. 

Find the article HERE.

"Intersex condition"

Illustrations I made for De Correspondent, published in July 2016 accompanying an article about intersex condition, written by Margriet van Heesch.

Find the article HERE.