Collaboration with She Blooms

"Celebrate your first period!" 

I'm collaborating with She Blooms, a wonderful project with as main focus to let mothers and daughters in South Africa communicate about menstruation and female sexuality, leading to a more a happy and safe sexual development. In 4 sessions they teach the mothers everything there is to know about the menstruation cycle. In a creative and positive way they work on investigating the physical, emotional and mental side of the cycle. They are also stimulated to share their stories and experiences. At the last session She Blooms give the mothers a personal period soap. The soap is a gift for their daughters and can be seen as a new ritual for mothers to share with their daughters once they’ve menstruated for the first time and officially become a woman. It also serves as a conversational piece to start talking about menstruation. I made two illustrations for She Blooms, and they will be part of the soap box. 

She Blooms is still in their crowdfunding phase, so feel free to donate and support their beautiful project!


Illustration: Hilde Atalanta - The Vulva Gallery for She Blooms

Illustration: Hilde Atalanta - The Vulva Gallery for She Blooms