Interview on VagEsteem

Recently I was interviewed by Vanessa Geffrard, a Baltimore based sexual health educator, for VagEsteem™, a workshop series and podcast that teaches women how to have good and healthy sex through courageous conversations. The podcast serves as a safe space for women to have courageous conversations about their sexual/reproductive health. The basis of the podcast is to also encourage women to learn from each other and serve as a safe space where women can have fun and light- hearted conversations about body image, sex, love, relationships, and everything in between.

Vanessa asked me all kinds of questions about The Vulva Gallery, and we had such a wonderful conversation!

Thank you Vanessa, for taking time to have such a great and open talk with me about the vulva gallery, anatomy, sexuality and body positivity. 

You can listen to the podcast below.

For more podcasts, workshops and information about VagEsteem, you can visit the VagEsteem Website.

Publications @ PlayGround, Friday Magazine, Cosmopolitan and more

The past week has been incredible - after The Huffington Post published an article about The Vulva Gallery one week ago, my Instagram account has exploded (more than 12.000 new followers), and there have been many publications about The Vulva Gallery.

PlayGround Magazine wrote a wonderful article about The Vulva Gallery in Spanish. Many thanks to Silvia Laboreo for sharing my work and message of body positivity! You can find the article here. 

Friday Magazine (Switzerland) wrote a very nice feature in German. Thank you Melanie Biedermann for writing this, and helping me spreading the message of body positivity all around the world! You can find the article here.

Cosmopolitan also picked up on The Vulva Gallery, and wrote a feature about it on their website. Thanks to Gina Mei for sharing The Vulva Gallery's message of body positivity! You can read the article here.

In the past days, also Argentina, The Netherlands and Scandinavia discovered The Vulva Gallery as well: BigBang from Argentina, Cosmopolitan NLMenaiset from Finland and Solo from Sweden all published features about The Vulva Gallery on their websites. Thank you all for sharing my work and message of body positivity!

Publication on The Huffington Post with The Vulva Gallery

Last week The Huffington Post published a wonderful article about The Vulva Gallery. This led to a huge increase in attention for this project, 10.000 new followers on my separate The Vulva Gallery Instagram account and many, many wonderful and touching messages from all around the world. 

After the first publication, several other platforms from all around the world published articles about The Vulva Gallery as well: PlayGround, Friday Magazine (Switzerland), Cosmopolitan (US), BigBang (Argentina), Menaiset (Finland) and Solo (Sweden).

Thank you all for sharing my work and spreading the word of body positivity! 

Collaboration with FEM Project

Starting November 12th 2016, I will be collaborating with FEM Project, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, USA. FEM Project aims to give homeless women the essential necessities that are often overlooked and not covered by food stamps: menstrual supplies. FEM Project is 100% volunteer-led and supported by generous donors. 

46,874 homeless reside in the greater Los Angeles area. For the thousands of homeless women, the few days a month where women should be embracing their femininity can be their hardest; a year's supply of tampons costs approximately $70 and without sanitary products, women risk infection as well as discomfort. 

Feminine Every Month was founded in 2016 by Grace Westlin and Isabel Fields after holding a drive where they raised over 3,000 pads, tampons, and diva cups over the course of five days. After seeing the amount of people they reached, Westlin and Fields embarked on the journey that is FEM Project.

I made two illustrations special for FEM Project, and these will be printed on tote bags and t-shirts. The money raised by selling the bags and shirts will be used for funding their non-profit organization.

For more information about FEM Project, click here.

Hilde Atalanta for FEM Project

Hilde Atalanta for FEM Project

Publication in Het Parool

I made an illustration for Het Parool, accompanying an article about blackface in Australia, written by David T. Smith. 

Ignorance is Bliss by Hilde Atalanta

If you don't speak Dutch, but are interested in reading the original article, you can find it here. The original article was published on november 4th 2016 in the New York Times.

Solo Exhibition @ Supperclub Amsterdan

Starting today, during the entire month of November, a selection of my work will be exhibited at Art Club - Supperclub Amsterdam. Art Club is a virtual exhibition in Supperclub focused on showcasing upcoming and established artists and their works through visual projections. The showcased artworks an vary from paintings, installations, to graphics.

More info:

M/Magnetic #1 by Hilde Atalanta

Supperclub Amsterdam - Photo: Wouter van der Sar

Supperclub Amsterdam - Photo: Wouter van der Sar

Publication on De Correspondent

I had the honour to make illustrations for the online journalistic platform De Correspondent, accompanying an article about the influence of testosterone on behaviour (in men), written by Jop de Vrieze. Find the article here.

"Boundaries", by Hilde Atalanta (for De Correspondent).

"Insecurity", by Hilde Atalanta (for De Correspondent).

"Confidence", by Hilde Atalanta (for De Correspondent).

"Anger", by Hilde Atalanta (for De Correspondent).

"Sad Boy #1", by Hilde Atalanta (published on De Correspondent).

Solo Exhibition @ Mi Casa Su Casa

Yesterday my solo exhibition opened at Mi Casa Su Casa Baarn. During the whole month of October, you can see 10 of my works there, while sipping very good coffee out of coffee cups with my illustrations on them as well (the LOVERS series on the MOM Barista collection, in collaboration with Lisanne van Zanten). Come and visit! 

Boys Do Cry #2 (left) and MOUSTACHE "Ginny" (right)

Preparations for the opening

Different portraits from different series, all together at Mi Casa Su Casa Baarn

The MOM Barista cup with my LOVERS illustration on it