These two "Utopia" paintings show a person who stands in front of you very openly, very vulnerable - literally naked. By their hair you initially might assume their gender, but when you look further you might notice your first instinct isn't always right. And here we get to the point: it actually doesn't matter what gender WE think a person has. We should't have to guess because it doesn't matter; it doesn't value a person. We are all human beings, with the same red blood and the same heart, figuring out what we want in our lives and wanting to love or be loved. 

Defining gender should be the least of our problems. 

Everyone should be free to find a way to be comfortable in their bodies and dress the way they want to. Because being yourself no matter what, is what's going to make you grow. You'll be a better version of yourself. That's what's going to make you the amazing human being you are: relaxed, interesting, authentic and loveable.